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Can I Skip The Vacuum Cleaning?

Posted by Leigh Richards on

In my not so humble estimation, at least 90% of the people hate doing their housekeeping chores, and carpet cleaning is close to the top of most disliked tasks. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that homeowners look for a time and energy-saving alternatives – the trendy carpet cleaning robots, more aggressive treatment methods, or booking a professional to do the job.

The first question I get when I visit a home for the preliminary inspection is “can I skip the vacuum cleaning altogether?” If you recognise yourself in this profile, you probably will not like my answer. No, it is not a good idea to put the vacuum cleaner in the closet and never turn it on again. Vacuuming your carpets will not solve the more complicated issues – but not doing it will undoubtedly cause severe problems in the long run.

Regardless of what you do, dust and microparticles will always find their way in your home. The most logical place for them to end up is on the floor, i.e. in the fabrics of your carpet. As time goes by this residue will build up and penetrate deeper and farther in between the threads, and will cause decolourisation, loosening, and even irreparable damage to your carpets.

The easiest way to counter this is to vacuum your carpets at least once per week. For further tips and more carpet care advice, stay tuned for our regular updates!

Here is an interesting fact that I bet you probably didn’t know. Carpet fibres act as an air filter in your home. Dust particles circulate in the air and at some point they land on the surfaces. If your floor is covered in laminate, wood or any other kind of hard flooring, the dust will settle there until the next air movement puts it back to being airborne. The risk of dust entering your lungs increases. With carpet though, dust gets trapped within the fibres and no re-circulation is possible. When you vacuum you extract these trapped dust particles, instantly improving indoor air quality.